#TBT: The Throwback Thursday project

#TBT and Throwback Thursday has become something of a thing of late. The concept is simple enough; bring old posts and content back to the front page, and help people find your quality content. For me, this project means both that I look through my old posts, some of which are still very relevant, and pick them out, to repost them. They will all be titled #TBT, and can be found under the TBT category.

A note on what you can expect to find and not find: The posts that get recycled will be posts that I still find relevant. This means that any posts relating to technology that I don’t use or work with any more will be foregone. This includes Windows XP, Lotus Notes and the FotoWare suite. Technology and tools that are still relevant will, naturally, be included, as well as those tricks that carry over to products that I do work with.

Throwback thursday posts will start next week, and run as often as I care to go through old posts to find gems to post. This means that some months may see weekly posts (particularly in the beginning), while the pace might slow down as time passes. We’ll see what happens.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy seeing the new posts.







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