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  • Toolkit essentials – Software tools part two – Executables

    Like their physical counterparts, software tools are absolutely necessary for successful IT support. I usually divide them up into two categories; CD images and executables. In my last post, I covered CD images, now to the executables I bring with me:

  • Resolving “File in use” when moving or deleting a file

    A while back, I opened a file to see what it was, then decided to move it, at which point I got a “File in use”-error, preventing me from moving, deleting or renaming the file. Luckily, there is a fairly simple solution to this problem:   I’ve written about Process Explorer before, and I still […]

  • A better Task Manager

    Windows Task Manager is a decent enough tool, but it doesn’t really give you all that much information, nor is it always able to do what you need it to, such as end certain processes. By default, the Processes view looks something like this:   While this is enough for most users, it isn’t always […]

  • At a glance: Process Explorer

    Process Explorer Originally uploaded by razumny