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  • Review: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago in my favorite things post, the Nintendo Switch is one of those favorite things. One of the first games I got for it was Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), a game that has received near-universal acclaim from gamers and reviewers alike. The game is relatively relaxing and chill, […]

  • Scoring scales for reviews

    As I mentioned in my favorite things post a few weeks ago, I’ve been a gamer for years and years. Going forward, I will from time to time post reviews of games that I play. I think it might be useful to be explicit about the scale I use. The scale runs from 1-10, as […]

  • Review: Apple Watch Series 6

    Back in 2018, I reviewed my Apple Watch Series 3. Three years post-purchase, everything I wrote in that review still holds true; the series 3 has served me well on a daily basis since I bought it, with very little in the way of issues, and a full day of usable battery power between charges […]

  • Reviewed: Bose QC 35 II

    As I noted in my review of Bose NC700, I found the pass-through functionality to be as tiring as the noise cancelling. Soon after completing that review, I concluded that the combined effect of that and the lack of a collapsing feature meant that they were not for me. Being a long-time Bose user, there […]

  • Reviewed:¬†Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

    Author: David J. Anderson Publisher: Blue Hole Press Year: 2010 ISBN: 9780984521401

  • Review: Amazon Kindle

    As promised last week, I am today reviewing my new eBook reader, the Amazon Kindle. Or should that be Amazing?

  • The iPad reviewed

    First off, I know I said I wasn’t going to get an iPad. That decision was based on the hype and buzz about it, after laying hands on one myself, though, I’ve got to say I was simply wrong. Probably not about my concerns, as I still feel they are valid, but about my decision […]

  • The Asus Eee 1101H reviewed

    I recently decided to get a new laptop. My old laptop was looking like it was going to kick the bucket soon, and I wanted to exchange it sooner, rather than later. I was originally planning to get a high-end Dell, but looking closer at the contents of my wallet, I decided to forego the […]

  • Quick Heal PCTuner – reviewed

    One of a few things I do on my spare time is review software. The last piece of software I reviewed is called PCTuner, marketed by a company called QuickHeal. Marketed as a simple solution to the classic problem of a computer getting slower with time, it is said to “…cleans and optimizes your PC […]