Tag: shared folders

  • Find out what user has a file open

    One of the questions that pop up every now and again, yet not often enough for me to consistently remember how to do it, is some variant on “What user is blocking my file access?” A user will typically call in, complaining that they are unable to open/edit/delete a given file on a file share, […]

  • Outlook: Not all folders are synced

    Shared email boxes are a useful tool for departments needing to have a single point of contact, but whose needs do not extend so far as to need a CRM or ticket management tool. I’ve talked before about how to add them to Outlook, in which I noted that I usually uncheck the box for […]

  • Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook

    A not infrequent question at work, is how to¬†add a second mailbox in Outlook. Here’s how: