Outlook: Not all folders are synced

Shared email boxes are a useful tool for departments needing to have a single point of contact, but whose needs do not extend so far as to need a CRM or ticket management tool. I’ve talked before about how to add them to Outlook, in which I noted that I usually uncheck the box for downloading shared folders to avoid downloading what tends to be a huge mail box, which will lock up Outlook. Another reason to do so, is that a locally cached mail box often does not display all mails and folders, a complaing I see from time to time. It has been my experience that most users leave the settings in their default state, so today, I thought I’d tell you how to disable that retroactively:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File
  • Go to Account settings, then account settings again
  • Double click your current account
  • Click “More settings” in the Server settings tab
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab
  • Uncheck the check box “Download shared folders”
  • Click OK
  • In Server settings click “Next”, then “Finish”

Once you’ve restarted Outlook, you should see the problem sorted.






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