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  • Kindle: Reset the furthest page read

    I’ve been an ebook user for a very long time now, and bought my first dedicated ebook reader nine years ago. In 2011, it got replaced with an Amazon Kindle, and I’ve been a Kindle user ever since, using both their dedicated devices (including the larger DX size), as well as PC, Mac, and iOS apps.

  • Tech for travel

    Summer vacation time is closing on those of us in the Northern hemisphere once more. In honor of Towel day and its idea of preparedness, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what tech I bring with me when I travel.

  • What’s in your bag?

    I am lucky enough to travel as much as suits me, but not much more. However, I have developed a list of things I bring with me whenever I go travelling. There are two lists; the core list and the extended list. Here goes:

  • Review: Amazon Kindle

    As promised last week, I am today reviewing my new eBook reader, the Amazon Kindle. Or should that be Amazing?

  • Getting a new eBook reader

    Ever since I got my Sony Reader, I’ve been very happy with the reading experience, but of late, it has not been seeing as much use. This us due to a few things.   The first thing is that it has been getting increasingly hard to get ebooks for my device, at least legally. I […]

  • The status for eBooks post the iPad-announcement

    Note: Eirik Newth is a Norwegian writer and lecturer, who blogs interestingly and well about, among other things, eBooks. Here’s his take on the iPad and its impact on the eBook market. The original article (in Norwegian) can be found here.

  • The iPad

    Yesterday, Apple announced the long-anticipated, much hyped iPad. Looking like an overgrown iPhone, it sports a 9.7″ screen, with a resolution of 1024×768, multi-touch and your choice of WLAN (all models) 3G (some models) and 16, 32 or 64 GB memory.   A commenter at NRK Beta said it was disappointing that it didn’t have […]

  • Free eBook: Troubleshooting Windows 7

    Working in IT, I often have people ask me about issues they are having with their computer. Now, while I’m happy to help out, I often find that the problems I solve for them are problems they could have solved themselves. Mitch Tulloch, a Microsoft MVP and lead author of the just-published Windows 7 Resource […]

  • Useful resources for eBooks

    Wrapping up my series on eBook usage, I provide you with a list of handy links for legal download of books for your eBook, as well as other links that might prove useful:

  • Sony Reader – Calibre

    Note: For the next few posts, I will be discussing my choice of eBook, what I think of the device, the software, and finish off with a few tips for users.   As I have stated, Sony eBook Library is not a bad piece of software, but there is no handling of metadata whatsoever. The […]