Getting a new eBook reader

Ever since I got my Sony Reader, I’ve been very happy with the reading experience, but of late, it has not been seeing as much use. This us due to a few things.
The first thing is that it has been getting increasingly hard to get ebooks for my device, at least legally. I used to get my books at, but they are no longer selling to Norway. The only sites I have found that do sell to Norway, either do not carry the books I want, or are selling them at a premium, making them considerably more expensive than their paper counterparts.
The second thing is that the battery life has become much shorter than it was, and annoyingly so.
The third thing, which has annoyed me from day one, is how heavy the device is.
The fourth, and last reason, is that transferring books was kinda clunky, even though I found software that did it considerably better than Sony’s own software.
So, what did I get, you ask? Well, the review is coming next week…



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