Category: Tools

  • Start Local Group Policy editor

    Every now and again, I find that I need to have a look at, or even edit, the local group policies on a computer. To do this, we use a tool called Local Group Policy editor. Here’s how to start it:

  • Resolving error code 0x9c47 when installing Internet Explorer 11

    A user called in, wanting help troubleshooting an installation of Internet Explorer 11 that repeatedly and persistently failed. The error code was the same, 0x9c47. The error code means that a Windows Update, KB2729094, could not be found on the computer. Because it is listed as a prerequisite for IE11, the installation failed. It did not matter one […]

  • #TBT: A better Task Manager

    This post originally ran in April 2008. I am reposting it now, as part of my throwback thursday project, to give some of my older quality posts some love. SysInternals Process Explorer is in common use the world around these days, and a tool I use a lot. 

  • Changing primary SMTP address

    A user called in, and wanted to have a different address as their primary email address. After making the change, when I tried to apply it, I encountered the following error message:

  • TeamViewer on Windows: Elevate session to have administrative permissions

    One of the Support Analyst’s most powerful tools is the ability to remotely view and control the end user’s computer. One of many tools that lets you do this, is TeamViewer. If User Account Control (UAC) using secure desktop is enabled, that secure desktop causes remote sessions without administrative privileges to go black when the UAC prompt […]

  • Citrix: Resolve SSL Error 61 on Windows

    Some weeks ago, I had a user call in, saying that she got the following error message when trying to launch applications from our Citrix farm:

  • Unable to uninstall Citrix Receiver or Online Plugin

    From time to time, users call in, reporting problems opening applications or desktops in Citrix. One of the many items in a support technician’s bag of tricks, is the old uninstall and reinstall routine. There are many reasons why this can be a good idea, among them that removing legacy applications that have been superseded by new versions […]

  • SSH: Logging in

    The single most handy tool for any Linux administrator is SSH. Short for Secure SHell, it is a way to connect to another computer, using the terminal. It is immensely powerful, and gaining confidence with it can be a bit of a challenge. Before you can do ANYTHING else, you need to know a few basic commands:

  • What’s in your bag?

    I am lucky enough to travel as much as suits me, but not much more. However, I have developed a list of things I bring with me whenever I go travelling. There are two lists; the core list and the extended list. Here goes:

  • iOS 6’s best new feature: Do Not Disturb

    One feature that I have been missing on my iPhone, even though I didn’t realise it, is a way to have the iPhone be quiet when I want it to, but intelligently so. What I mean, is that I want it to be able to let calls from important people (such as my wife and […]

  • The single most annoying feature in iOS, and how to work around it

    Apple’s bidding for the smartphone market, the iPhone, ships with several preinstalled apps, none of which can be removed. As annoying as this may be, at least you can stick them all in a folder, and place the folder on the last page of apps. Out of sight, out of mind, right?