The single most annoying feature in iOS, and how to work around it

Apple’s bidding for the smartphone market, the iPhone, ships with several preinstalled apps, none of which can be removed. As annoying as this may be, at least you can stick them all in a folder, and place the folder on the last page of apps. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Not so with the most annoying of them all, the Newsstand. The problem is that it isn’t an app at all. It is a folder for apps, which has a preset name and different skin. Now, I don’t actually use any app that would locate to the Newsstand, so, for me, it simply takes up screen real estate, doing nothing but annoy me.

Worse still, because it is a folder in and of itself, you can’t move it into another folder, either, which means that it will always be out there, annoying you with its uselessness and emptiness.

Or so it was, until a developer by the name of Filippo Bigarella developed Stiflestand. There is no need to jailbreak your phone, and Stiflestand is so simple anyone can use it. Available for both Mac OS X and Windows, it does one thing: places Newsstand in a folder called “Magic”. That’s it. No frills, no need to learn how to use it, simply click the one button on it, handily labelled “Hide Newsstand”, and it does so.

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