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  • Deleting a service using the registry

    In last week’s post, I showed you how to remove a service using the command prompt. However, there is another way, by using the registry. In this case, too, we need to do a little research, to find the name of the service. For simplicity, I’ll repeat it here:  

  • Deleting a service from the command prompt

    Sometimes, as an administrator, you will need to remove a service from Windows. This can be because it is malfunctioning, and reinstalling the software it came with does not solve the issue, or because an uninstall of the software it came with does not solve the actual problem. Whatever the cause, removing a service takes […]

  • Disabling Caps Lock on Mac OS X

    For me, the Caps Lock key constantly comes in the way, and I routinely disable it on all of my machines. Whenever I need to write things in all-caps, I have no problem with holding down either of the Shift-keys with my little finger, and when I don’t need it, I tend to hit it […]

  • Set Index Manager to make searches accent insensitive

    By default, Index Manager will index accented characters, such as äöü, different from un-accented characters. However, Index Manager is able to make searches accent insensitive. This setting is set on a per-archive basis. When enabling this option, Index Manager will ignore accents when indexing and treat them as regular unaccented characters. Thus it will be […]

  • Configuring multiple sites in FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    Once FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone has been initialized and configured for the first time, it will store the server host name you specified so you won’t have to type it again the next time you connect.   If, however, you would like to connect to another FotoWeb server, you can easily change the connection. To […]

  • Configuring the FotoWeb iPhone app for first use

    With the release of SR4 also came FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone. After having downloaded it to your iPhone or iPad, you must set it up to talk to your FotoWeb server. Here’s how:  

  • Password protecting your FotoStation Configuration

    As a system administrator, you may want to limit access to certain program features in FotoStation, and even access to the entire configuration dialog, as well as prevent users from accessing certain types of side panels and program functions.   Security settings are accessed from the Configuration Menu, under General:     To prevent unauthorized […]

  • FotoWeb: Automatically notify the site administrator when a user registers to the site

    In order to enable automatic notifications being sent to a site administrator when a new user registers on the site, follow these steps:

  • Search, don’t sort – Using GMail search operators to the fullest

    Google’s mail service GMail is built on the idea that, instead of sorting emails into different folders, you use the search functionality to find your emails. If you insist on sorting your email, GMail offers labels rather than folders, the idea being that an email may belong to more than one logical group of sorting, […]

  • Creating your own ringtones on iPhone

    One of the most annoying things to me as a user, is the fact that I’m not able to assign my music files as ringtones. The “offical” way of adding more ringtones, is by buying them from Apple, however, you can generate them yourself, using your iPhone and a computer. To do so, you need […]

  • Assign ringtones to specific contacts on iPhone

    Assigning ringtones to contacts has become basic functionality for mobile phones, and the iPhone is no exception. It’s very easy to do so, here’s how: