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  • Did you know that the FotoStation Dialog Builder displays field numbers?

    When using the Dialog Builder, FotoStation now shows you the IPTC field numbers of the fields placed in the editor:     This can be particularly useful when creating a dialog for a heavily customized metadata configuration, with many custom fields.   Caveat lector: I used to work with support at FotoWare. This blog is […]

  • Clearing FotoStation Quick Search history

    FotoStation stores all searches made in Quick Search, displaying previous searches when a new search is made. You may, however, want to clear this history. This is done differently on the Windows and Mac versions.   On the Windows version, open the File menu, choose Preferences, then Clear quick search history.     On the […]

  • Downgrading to a previous version of FotoStation

    As a FotoWare Customer Support Engineer, one of the issues I see on a somewhat regular basis, is that users have installed the most recent version of FotoStation, without having a valid license for that version. Simply put, if so, they will not be able to run FotoStation. On Windows, you simply uninstall the new […]

  • Color Factory estimates the time left to process the files in queue

    Curious how much longer you can expect to wait before Color Factory has finished processing your files? If you go to the Operations Center, you will see a monitor, telling you the estimated queue time remaining:   Keep in mind, though, that this is only an estimate of the time remaining to process what is […]

  • Two options on how to work with images in FotoWeb Desktop plugin for Adobe CS

    You can either check them out, or download a local copy. Here’s how:  

  • How to: Use synonym lists to modify search results

    By modifying the thesaur.xml-file, Index Manager will return hits containing synonyms to the specified search words.   Say, for example, that you want to search for fast food, and want your search results to also find more specific kinds of fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers and french fries. Included with every installation of Index […]

  • FotoWare Connect supports upload to and download from FotoWeb Archive Agent

    One of the many options when setting up a server in Connect, is to set it up to use FotoWeb Archive Agent. To set it up, simply create a new server, and select FotoWeb Archive Agent when selecting which protocol to use.     When setting up the server, you have options to select which […]

  • FotoWare Color Factory checks whether a share is offline

    In Service Release 4 of Color Factory 7, FotoWare introduced a new feature, enabling it to check whether a network share is offline. When it finds that the share is offline, the channel is temporarily stopped, allowing other channels on the server to keep running.   When a share is found to be offline, this […]

  • Searching for images with no metadata or no metadata in specific fields?

    By entering xnoword search into the search box, you will get hits in images which do not have metadata. When searching for xnoword in a specific field, you will get hits for images where that field is empty.     Note: For indexed archives you also need to make sure that the fields that you […]

  • Creating alerts in FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    Alerts are notifications of files that have been added to an archive. They are created by first performing a search and then saving that search as an alert. To check the status of your alerts, tap Alerts on the main screen in the application.   To create an alert, perform a search from the main […]