Two options on how to work with images in FotoWeb Desktop plugin for Adobe CS

You can either check them out, or download a local copy. Here’s how:

Alternative 1: Checking out a file for editing

Having found the file you were looking for, simply double-click it to download and open the file. The file is then marked as checked out by you on the FotoWeb server and downloaded to your local machine. This also means that it is locked for editing by other users. When the file opens you can work with the file in Photoshop as you normally would.
When you have made changes to a file you will be given the opportunity to manage the file using the highlighted checked-out files icon as shown below:

Note: If you save the file with a different name using Save As… in Photoshop, the extension will notice that there is a ‘new’ file being edited. This file can optionally be uploaded to a FotoWeb archive using the other icon seen above (the green arrow pointing up).

Alternative 2: Downloading a copy of the file

Alternatively, you can right-click a file and choose Open. This will not check out the file from FotoWeb; rather a copy of the archived file is downloaded to your local machine, allowing you to edit it as you please and store it anywhere you like. This copy will be completely ‘disconnected’ from the original in the archive. When you have saved the file you may optionally choose to trigger the FotoWeb Desktop uploader to put the file back in the archive without overwriting the original:

By clicking the green arrow seen above you trigger the FotoWeb Desktop uploader, which in turn lets you place the file in any archive that you have upload rights to.
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