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  • Errors in week numbering – Lotus 8.*

    In migrating many of our users to Lotus Notes 8, we have recently found that some of them have experienced problems with week numbering, as 2009 has 53 weeks. Week number 53 is shown as week 1. This error carries over to 2010, meaning that week 1 is shown as week 2, and so on. […]

  • Signature is not autoinserted in Notes 8.0.2

    I had a user call in recently, complaining that, even though she’d defined a signature to be added automatically. She got no error message, and had not changed anything about her setup.   Though she hadn’t changed anything, a change had been made. All the mailfiles’ design (for those who ran version 8.*) had been […]

  • Resolving "Context toolbar not found. Bookmark design needs update"

    A colleague of mine asked me about an error message a user of his got while in Lotus Notes. The error message stated that   Context toolbar not found. Bookmark design needs update.   The solution is pretty straight forward, and even indicated by the error message. By deleting the file called Bookmark.nsf and restarting […]

  • Notes hogs resources when logged on to Sametime

    A user called in a case, telling us that when she was using Lotus Notes, her computer would run much slower, and the process nlnotes.exe would take up most of the available CPU capacity. Thinking that the problem lay in the fact that she had Notes installed to her server share, we first installed Notes […]

  • Resolving "The linked document cannot be found in the view" errors

    As I have mentioned countless times before, Lotus Notes’ error messages are not always the easiest to understand. So, too with this one. A user called me over, complaining that she’d get this error whenever she opened any documents in her own mailfile.   After a lot of trial and error, I found that the […]

  • Lotus Notes: Collection Container is NULL

    I had a user call in telling me she was getting a bizarre error message when trying to send an email in Lotus Notes. The error message said “Collection Container is NULL”.   As informative as many of Lotus Notes’ error messages, this one, at least was displayed in English. Believe me, trying to translate […]

  • Resolve "Illegal Circular USE:DocumentConversions" errors

    After upgrading a user to Notes 6.5.4, she got an error saying “Illegal Circular USE:DocumentConversions” when opening her mailfile. She reported that she’d get this problem when opening folders.   The key to solving this problem, is knowing that the user has been upgraded from Notes version 5 to Notes version 6.5.4. From one version […]

  • Decrypting Lotus Notes’ NSD crash logs.

    When Lotus Notes crashes, it usually also creates a crash log. Much like the tapes from the black box of an airplane, the crash log can yield veluable information, provided you can read it. The crash logs are named in a very specific way, such as nsd_W32I_XP-UNME_2009_03_11@08_35_17.log, easily allowing us to find the log we […]

  • Notes crashes when you delete a folder using the delete key

    I’ve been having a problem lately while doing some housekeeping in my mail file; Notes would crash whenever I’d delete a folder using the delete key instead of right-clicking the folder and selecting “Remove Folder”. Each crash would result in a 2MB-sized crash log.   I shipped the crash log off to one of our […]

  • Lotus Notes: "You are not authorized to access this database"

    The error message “You are not authorized to access this database” is caused by a lack of rights set in Notes’ ACL, Access Control List. When this error message is displayed, the administrator of the ACL will have to change the permissions of the user in question.

  • Lotus Notes: "type mismatch on external name"

    The company I’m working from is currently migrating from Notes 6 to Notes 8. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been using the latter for some time, and am mostly happy that I am.   A service call I got the other day had a user reporting that she’d get a “Type mismatch on external name…” […]