Lotus Notes: "type mismatch on external name"

The company I’m working from is currently migrating from Notes 6 to Notes 8. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve been using the latter for some time, and am mostly happy that I am.
A service call I got the other day had a user reporting that she’d get a “Type mismatch on external name…” when opening her calendar afet she’d upgraded to Notes 8. Not the most informative of errors, but that is the way of Notes, it seems.
One of the interesting things about upgrading from one version of Notes to another is that with a new version of Notes, comes a new design for the mailfile. I encountered it with the upgrade from Notes 5 to Notes 6, though there, the issue was mostly related to layout and design.
The solution, then, to this problem is to upgrade the mailfile design.





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