Notes hogs resources when logged on to Sametime

A user called in a case, telling us that when she was using Lotus Notes, her computer would run much slower, and the process nlnotes.exe would take up most of the available CPU capacity. Thinking that the problem lay in the fact that she had Notes installed to her server share, we first installed Notes locally, to see if that solved the problem. It didn’t.
Still thinking that the problem lay with all of Lotus Notes, I tried maximising the Notes window, as one of our Notes experts had suggested that might help. Unfortunately it didn’t, although to begin with it seemed to. The user reported that all was fine until she logged into Sametime. Consulting with the Notes expert again, it transpired that this is a known issue in the version she was running 6.5.4, which was resolved in version 6.5.6.
An upgrade later, all was well again.





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