Lotus Notes: Collection Container is NULL

I had a user call in telling me she was getting a bizarre error message when trying to send an email in Lotus Notes. The error message said “Collection Container is NULL”.
As informative as many of Lotus Notes’ error messages, this one, at least was displayed in English. Believe me, trying to translate error messages back from Norwegian to English is not as simple as it may sound…
Browsing the web, I found other people who had had the same problem, related to Category fields, as well as ODBC connections. The suggested solution was as simple as it was effective; restart Lotus Notes.





5 responses to “Lotus Notes: Collection Container is NULL”

  1. Pan Jan

    Yeah but this one actually doesn’t work for everyone.

    1. Is that so? It has never failed to solve the problem for me; do you have any additional details?

  2. John

    I’ve tried restarting notes and am getting the same error. Razumny your beard is funny.

  3. John

    Correction, I just restarted the notes services. BTW Razumny your beard has grown on me now.

  4. John

    Ok we had multiple users calling up with this error, once we restarted the notes services error was gone.

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