STFU && RTFM on mobile devices

After reading this post at NRKBeta (link in Norwegian), I decided to follow suit, and install a theme to help speed up access to my blog from mobile devices.

I’m doing this for two reasons: Firstly, this blog is my personal knowledgebase. As I work a lot in the field, I needed a speedier way of checking for solutions than what I had. Secondly, I’d like whoever reads this blog to be able to reference it, even when on a portable device. I’ve been testing it for a month or so, and like what I am seeing!

I’ve installed WPTouch from BraveNewCode, which works out of the box, no tweaking necessary. I’m also thinking of installing Crowd Favorite’s WordPress Mobile Edition, but am hesitant as it does not support the automatic upgrade function all of my other WordPress plugins support.

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