Firefox extensions

It’s time to actually post a technical blog-post to my blog, so here goes…

My web-browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox, for a load of reasons, many of which I’ll go into later on. However, Firefox only gets me that far, and to get the whole nine yards, I use extensions. The reasons vary, but here are my favorite Firefox extensions:

  • Name: Download Statusbar
  • What: A statusbar displaying the status of your downloads
  • Why: It keeps the download window from popping up all the time, and keeps my downloads easily manageable.
  • Name: Fotofox
  • What: An uploader utility for use with sites such as Flickr, Tabblo etc.
  • Why: I’m an active user at Flickr, and prefer this method for uploading my pictures
  • Name: IE Tab
  • What: A rendering engine, rendering just one tab in Internet Explorer
  • Why: Some sites only work in Internet Explorer, also I want to see how my sites render in different browsers
  • Name: Show Server IP
  • What: It shows the IP-address of the website I’m watching
  • Why: Well, I guess I’m curious

More extensions can be found here.

What are your favorite extensions: Leave me a comment, and tell me!

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