Unmuting a conversation in GMail

Ever since I started using GMail a few years back, it’s been my primary mail service, with all my other email accounts feeding into it. A while back, I was unlucky enought to mute a conversation. The mute option, while great when getting tons of emails about updates to threads on boards, can be annoying when you manage to mute an email that you actually need to read.
The solution is fairly simple, and centres around Google’s approach when it comes to GMail; archive instead of deleting, searching instead of sorting. What the mute function actually does is automatically archiving new emails in a given conversation, bypassing the inbox altogether. To get the emails back to the inbox, you need to do the following:

  1. In the search box in GMail, enter is:muted, and click Search Mail
  2. Mark the emails you wish to unmute, then click Move to Inbox

Like many other things with GMail, this solution is simple and intuitive, once you know it.






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