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  • GMail: Schedule sending of emails

    From time to time, I have found it useful to schedule the sending of emails, such as reminders to others about something, requests for updates and so on. Luckily, this is a feature which is easily available in GMail.

  • View message headers

    For most users, the message headers of any given email are irrelevant; the email has arrived, and that is all there is to say about that. It does, however, have applications both in IT support and in information security. While those applications are outside the scope of this article, accessing the message header is not.

  • Transferring notes from GMail to Google Keep

    While I have a number of software tools that I use and like, I do like trying out alternatives. Sometimes the alternatives supercede the tool I used to use, sometimes I revert to the old tool, and sometimes I go forward using both. Back in November, I started using Google Keep, wanting to see if it did […]

  • Stop Inbox redirecting GMail

    A while ago, I went back to using Inbox by GMail as my primary platform for email. For the most part, I am happy to do so; it makes my life a bit easier, and makes controlling the contents of my inbox significantly easier. There are, however, some things that I need GMail for, most notably […]

  • Google Accounts: Responding to calendar invites on behalf of other email addresses

    Here’s the scenario: You have set up your main email address to forward to your GMail address. Whenever you get calendar invites, you are unable to accept them, because they have been sent to your main email address, and not your GMail address. If that sounds familiar, I have good news: this can be fixed, […]

  • Unmuting a conversation in GMail

    Ever since I started using GMail a few years back, it’s been my primary mail service, with all my other email accounts feeding into it. A while back, I was unlucky enought to mute a conversation. The mute option, while great when getting tons of emails about updates to threads on boards, can be annoying […]

  • Top five Google apps

    Spending as much time online as I do, Google is an integral part of my day to day routine. This is my top five list of Google apps:  

  • Read your GMail while offline

    In a previous post, I talked about Google Gears. Now, let’s take a look at a practical application. First, the developers at Google brought us the next big thing in web-based email. Now, they are bringing a way to take it offline.   Bear in mind, Offline is a GMail Labs feature, so it is […]

  • Firefox – Open mailto:-links in GMail

    I use GMail a lot. I also send a lot of emails, many of those originating from mailto:-links. Hence, it is practical to have mailto:-links open in GMail.   This is quickly and simply achieved by going to Tools, Options, Applications. In the search-field, simply enter mailto, then use the Action-field to select GMail, Yahoo […]

  • Stoppering GMail’s default security problem

    At this year’s DefCon, a security problem inherent to the default settings in GMail was unveiled. The problem is that, by default, GMail does not use encrypted sessions.

  • Why Webmail rocks my world

    I’ve been using email since 1998, and from the get-go I’ve been using various webmail-clients, in addition to locally installed clients such as Outlook Express (urgh), Outlook (Yum-yum), Lotus Notes (Oh-so-bloated) and Thunderbird (Weighed, measured and found wanting). My first email address was a hotmail one, and although that specific incarnation of my online presence […]