Lotus Notes: Notes automatically deletes email

A while back, a user called in, telling me that he had lost a lot of important email. All of the emails he lost were roughly three months old, and he’d lost all of his emails that were older than three months.
The cause of this problem was that the user had set a flag in his Replication settings, instructing Notes to delete emails older than 90 days. After removing this flag, the user no longer had this problem:





2 responses to “Lotus Notes: Notes automatically deletes email”

  1. indwidj


    I have problem w/ my Lotus Notes email: it automatically deletes an email when i’m open it. Could you advise how to fix this?


  2. Aleksander R. Rødner

    indwidj: My first guess would be that the “Unread only” option is checked.

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