Don’t argue, just do it!

One of the tasks I am called upon to perform as part of my job as a desktop service tech is checking and troubleshooting VPN login. One fo the ways I do this is to log in as the user on my own machine. My employer uses RSA SecureID key fobs combined with a personal password for authentication.
As you may or may not know, RSA SecureID key fobs change the code they display every 60 seconds. Almost invariably, when I ask the user what the current code is, I am told to wait, as it is about to change. All well and good so far. Twenty seconds later, the code changes, and the user tells me what the new code is.
At the end of it all, I am left wondering, wouldn’t it be quicker to give me the code in the first place, instead of arguing?





One response to “Don’t argue, just do it!”

  1. Sebastian Steinmann

    If it’s like 3 seconds I see the point, but waiting 20 seconds seems silly.

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