Safari for Windows – first impressions

I like trying out new pieces of software, and when Apple released Safari for Windows I had no choice but to try it out. First impression is that it is most definitely an Apple product, and bears great resemblance to e.g. iTunes. It is a sleek piece of software, and it seems to be sturdy enough.

Having used Firefox for years, it is great seeing that they’ve implemented the same keyboard shortcuts that seem to have become more or less the norm for such functions as opening tabs, closing tabs etc.

The way it renders websites is another point I like; it seems to render much like Firefox, and more to the point, not like Internet Explorer. This is especially noticeable with sites that run a wiki, like my website. For example, in Safari and Firefox the bottom bar is rendered across the browser, unlike in Internet Explorer where it is cropped to “fit” on the right of the sidebar.

Firefox render of wiki Internet Explorer render of wiki Safari render of wiki

All in all, it strikes me as a decent webbrowser, although I am unsure if I will allow it to replace Firefox. Even so, at times it is good to have a second third-party browser installed, like when I was reinstalling Firefox…



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