Branding Internet Explorer

Like me, you’ve probably been using the internet for a while, and may have noticed that sometimes Internet Explorer has a “provided by”-tag, looking something like this:

Internet Explorer provided by WiseGuy

Well, I wondered how they did this, and found out. This is how to brand your Internet Explorer, in three simple steps.:

First, open the “run”-dialog box from the start menu, and type “gpedit.msc”. Press OK.

Second, in the Group Policy Editor window that opens, find the setting called “User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Browser User Interface” like so:

Group Policy Editor: Browser User Interface

Thirdly, open the setting called “Browser Title”, and edit it in the dialog box that follows, much like this:

Browser Title

Click “OK”, and Hey Presty!, you’re done.

What will it look like you ask? Here’s how:

Internet Explorer - branded






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