Gears + Dropbox = Mobile computing

I’ve been looking for a sturdy, simple and preferably free solution to enhance the way I take my computers with me. I’vew recently found just that.

It all started a little while ago, with the discovery of the powerful tool Google Gears, which enables me to have my Google Documents, Google Calendar and GMail syncronized to my laptop. I’ve written about it here.

Then, I discovered Dropbox. Dropbox isn’t “just” an online storage solution, it is also the perfect choice to automatically syncronize your files across many computers. They offer three account types, Basic (2GB), Pro 50 (50GB) and Pro 100 (100GB). The latter two cost money ($99 and $199 per year, respectively). Basic is free.

Most of us don’t usually need to have more than 2 GB of files with us at any given time, meaning that the Basic account will suffice for most of us.

The best thing is the sync though. Simply drag and drop your files into the Dropbox folder, and off they go, to your account. Uploading and downloading large amounts of data takes some time, but boy does it work. The client works with both Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Want to get it? Do me a favor, use this link. By doing that, you, and I, get an additional 250 MB of storage on our accounts.





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