Don’t break the chain, part 2

Back in September, I wrote about a post at one of the blogs I follow, which extolled the virtues of just doing whatever it is you want to get better at, and keep doing. I also recommended an app called “Don’t break the chain!”, which I had been using for a while. This follow-up comes because I have actually stopped using that app, and replaced it with another…
I had been less than happy with two aspects of “Don’t break the chain!”; first, I felt the feedback it offered was not enough, and didn’t really help encourage me at all. Secondly, I felt I lacked a possibility to track more than one task. In comes Coupled with a website of the same name, offers a community of users, and allows you to track as many tasks as you wish. The interface is simple and intuitive, and works very well. In addition, there are no ads.
There you have it; a simple way to keep motivated, along with a community to help.

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