Changing the OEM-info

The OEMINFO.ini-file is a file that stores support information about your computer, which usually ships with computers delivered with a preinstalled operating system. It can contain virtually anything, but usually it contains the name of the manufacturer, the address to their website, and similar information.
The following hack allows you to change the information contained in the file, as well as the logo set by the manufacturer.
Here’s how to do it:
Open %root%\WINDOWS\system32, find the file OEMINFO.ini, and open it in notepad.
It will look something like this:
[general] Manufacturer=%Name of manufacturer% Model=%Model of computer%
[Support Information] Line1=Web: %URL to manufacturers website% Line2=Email: %Email address of manufacturer% Line3=Phone: %Phonenumber of manufacturer%
Edit this file at will.
The file I edited, looks like this:
Manufacturer=A. R. Rødner Tech ENK
Model=WiseDesk 2.2
[Support Information]
Line2=Email: **********@******.**
Line3=Phone: +**-********
Line4=If in need of software support, refer to software manufacturers
Line6=If in need of hardware support, refer to hardware manufacturers
Line8=If all else fails, consult the forum at http:\\
If you want to change the image that goes with the OEMINFO, you need to make a .bmp-file called oemlogo.bmp, which is to be no larger than 100 by 102 pixels (you may make it as large as you want, but make it much larger than 100 by 102 pixels, and not all of the image will be shown.
Here’s what mine looked like:
OEM Info

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