#BTS: Brain Teaser Saturday

I happen to like brain teasers and logic puzzles, and will be posting a few going forward. I will do it like this: On one Saturday, I will post a brain teaser, leaving the solution out of it. The following week, I will post another brain teaser, again sans solution, and include the solution to the preceding week’s puzzle. These posts will all be titled #BTS, for Brain Teaser Saturday. I hope you enjoy!

The following logic test is a variation of one that has been bandied around for ages. It is fairly simple once you find the solution, but that is the trick; finding the solution. The way I arrived at my solution, as well as the solution itself, is below the break.

The team is going to a team-building exercise somewhere in the wilderness. They drive their separate cars there. From the following information and the clues, can you determine the team members’ titles, (one was Support technician), their last name (one was Akers), what car they drove (one was Mercedes CLK) and when they arrived (from first to fifth)?

  1. The Software Architect arrived after Thomasson but before the driver of the Volkswagen e-Up!.
  2. The driver of the Skoda Octavia was not the first to arrive, but he arrived ahead in a CTO who arrived before the driver of the Citroën Berlingo.
  3. The Senior Engineer arrived second.
  4. Daniels arrived fourth.
  5. Engineer Jameson did not arrive last.
  6. Thomasson, who did not drive the BMW 110i, arrived later than Liddell.

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