My travel caffeine fix

As most anyone who knows me can attest, I love coffee. Most days I start with a cup of coffee of some sort; most often either a pour-over or aeropress. When travelling, and in particular if I’m staying in a rented apartment, rather than in a hotel with breakfast service, I bring the basic equipment to make a few cups of coffee. This sometimes elicits giggles from the security staff at the airport, as it is something that goes in my carry-on, rather than my checked luggage.

The kit consists of:

  • An Aeropress with a handful of filters, and the measuring spoon, less the funnel
  • A Porlex JP-30 manual grinder
  • A 250 gram bag of roasted coffee beans

This works on the assumption that I will be able to get water, a water boiler, and a cup, wherever I am going, and it has yet to fail. Moreover, it ensures that I get the coffee I want to kick off the day, for at least a week running. A useful trait of the Porlex grinder, is that the cup it grinds into, fits into the throat of the Aeropress.

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