Stop Inbox redirecting GMail

A while ago, I went back to using Inbox by GMail as my primary platform for email. For the most part, I am happy to do so; it makes my life a bit easier, and makes controlling the contents of my inbox significantly easier. There are, however, some things that I need GMail for, most notably to send email to predefined groups of recipients, as these are not supported in Inbox. I vaguely remembered being notified that this would happen, but had to look around quite a bit to find the setting in question. Here’s how I found it:

  • I opened the left-hand sidebar, scrolled to the bottom, and clicked Settings.
  • In Settings, I clicked Other
  • In Other, I unchecked the option “Redirect GMail to”:
Uncheck the option "Redirect GMail to"
Uncheck the option “Redirect GMail to”






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