My posting schedule

Constraints that liberate

As readers of this blog should know by now, my posts publish on Mondays. They have done so for a long time – at least five years, from what I see in the archives. With very few exceptions, publishing any given post is not time critical. This means that I can (and generally do) write posts ahead of time, and schedule them to be published when publishing time rolls around. It also means that if I have a spurt of inspiration, I can use that to write a number of posts, and schedule them to publish on consecutive weeks.

From time to time, news comes around that makes me want to swap the schedule around. The most recent examples of that, are my posts about the GoPro Karma and DJi Mavic Pro. When those two rolled around, I simply moved other posts to arrive at a later point, as the opinions they held would still be valid a few weeks later. While this is true of my opinions on the Karma and Mavic Pro, too, putting them at the end of the queue would mean their arrival would be significantly less timely, at a point where both drones would have receded from the public consciousness of the internet.

For the most part, I am very happy with my publishing schedule. It works for me, and it lets me produce content for this blog at a pace that suits me. When something comes up so urgent that it cannot wait for the next scheduled post (which has only happened once, thus far), I naturally forego the schedule, and simply hit publish. The posting schedule works well for me; anything more frequent would leave me without material in short order, while anything less frequent would be too slow to suit my tastes.

Most importantly, the ability to schedule posts in advance means that I can write when I want to, and when I have the time to do so. I’ll often knock out two or three posts in an evening, and then leave the blog well enough alone for two or three weeks, letting the ideas I have in my queue mature to a point where I can write them. I generally keep a buffer of three to five posts scheduled, and have done so for a long while.






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