Transferring notes from GMail to Google Keep

While I have a number of software tools that I use and like, I do like trying out alternatives. Sometimes the alternatives supercede the tool I used to use, sometimes I revert to the old tool, and sometimes I go forward using both. Back in November, I started using Google Keep, wanting to see if it did what I needed it for. The first thing I noticed, was that there was no way for me to import stuff from my GMail, where a number of my notes were stored. Luckily, the internet had the answer – simply install a plugin in Google Chrome and run the import. Here are the detailed instructions, by Jimmy Patrick on Quora:

  1. Install the plugin from the Chrome store: Download LP Gmail Keep Importer
  2. In order for the plugin to work you have to, read again, have to be at the Google Keep website. Visit Google Keep and login with your account.
  3. Once you are at the Keep website, and you have installed the extension you should be able to see the LP G2K icon in Chrome’s toolbar.
  4. Click the extension’s icon in order to open the plugin and you should see a small window like the picture below.
  5. The authorization is required only the first time you use the extension. You have to authorize it to access your emails (read only don’t worry).Click Authorize to be redirected to Google’s authorization page.Click Allow to allow the extension to use your account’s email.The window will stay open with a blank page. This behavior is a bug from Google’s side and they are looking into a fix, but for now just close the window yourself and refresh the page.
  6. Click again the extension’s icon and now you should see the normal view with the text box (from now on this is what you should see since you already authorised it).
  7. In the text box you have to type the Gmail label name you want to import. As you know Gmail organizes your mails, messages, in labels so just find out the label you want to import and type it here or create a new one if you don’t have one. Apple Notes automatically saves your notes as emails under the label name Notes, so use that if you want to import your Apple notes.
  8. Click Import GMail Label. Once the plugin fetches your messages from Gmail, it will show you a small result view with the number of messages found (like the picture below) or it will show an error message if there was a problem during the fetching process.
  9. Click Start Importing messages in order to start adding your messages as notes into Google Keep. If you have hundreds of messages please be patient and wait until you see a response, either an error or a success message.
  10. When your messages have been imported you will actually see them in the background to be inside your Keep notes.





2 responses to “Transferring notes from GMail to Google Keep”

  1. Cprioul

    Thanks a lot for your help. However : “Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
    This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.”

    1. It seems that the plugin has not been updated since 2018, and so may have been disallowed by Google.

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