Logitech VX Nano – first impressions

I’d been wanting to get a new mouse for my portable computer for a long time when I actually did. Up until last week, I’ve been using your regular two-buttons-and-a-scroll-wheel kind of mouse, and I wanted a little more functionality when on the road. I’m used to using one of Logitechs larger mouse with my desktop computer, and wanted something like that, only smaller.
I remembered a product test I did a while back, of Logitechs newest portable cordless, with their smallest receiver yet, called Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. I also remembered liking it, so I decided to go for it.
Functionwise, it’s great. The scroll-whell has two modes, (almost) friction-less and regular. It has backward and forward buttons, sideward scroll, and a total of five programmable buttons. Comfort is also excellent. It lies very well in the hand, and the gripping pads on the side makes it very comfortable to use.
The greates feature is the receiver though. It is small enough to fit in the back of my laptop, even when it is docked. It is to me the epitome of plug-in-and-forget.
The conclusion is simple; though not cheap, this is an excellent little bit of kit, which works beautifully. It is definitely the best mouse in this size I’ve ever tried, and I am very content.



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