Resolving "Cannot load BTrez.dll- NW" errors

I had a client call in the other day, telling me that her computer would freeze up and display error messages whenever she opened Windows Explorer. The error message said Cannot load BTrez.dll- NW. Checking BTrez.dll with ProcessLibrary, I found that the error referred to a problem with the drivers for Bluetooth.

Logitech VX Nano – first impressions

I’d been wanting to get a new mouse for my portable computer for a long time when I actually did. Up until last week, I’ve been using your regular two-buttons-and-a-scroll-wheel kind of mouse, and I wanted a little more functionality when on the road. I’m used to using one of Logitechs larger mouse with my… Continue reading Logitech VX Nano – first impressions

Uncovering Model-specific errors

Most models of computer have one or two errors that you classically begin to see within about a year of their release. Be it motherboard issues, harddrive failures or simply keyboard malfunction, they all have them. The problem is that for each new model, there’s a new standard error. Some are shared across a range… Continue reading Uncovering Model-specific errors