Category: Hardware

  • Getting a new eBook reader

    Ever since I got my Sony Reader, I’ve been very happy with the reading experience, but of late, it has not been seeing as much use. This us due to a few things.   The first thing is that it has been getting increasingly hard to get ebooks for my device, at least legally. I […]

  • The Asus Eee 1101H reviewed

    I recently decided to get a new laptop. My old laptop was looking like it was going to kick the bucket soon, and I wanted to exchange it sooner, rather than later. I was originally planning to get a high-end Dell, but looking closer at the contents of my wallet, I decided to forego the […]

  • Resolving Userenv Event 1085 and SceCli Event 1202

    Hardware errors come in many shapes and sizes. Some are innocuous, others more serious. Not all of them are easily detected. Over the course of the last three years, I have seen one, which displays any of the following symptoms:  

  • Resolving "Cannot load BTrez.dll- NW" errors

    I had a client call in the other day, telling me that her computer would freeze up and display error messages whenever she opened Windows Explorer. The error message said Cannot load BTrez.dll- NW. Checking BTrez.dll with ProcessLibrary, I found that the error referred to a problem with the drivers for Bluetooth.

  • More model-specific errors

    Over a year ago, I wrote about uncovering model-specific errors. True to form, all of the models I have seen lately have had some sort of standardized error.

  • Resolving Stop: 0x7b errors

    Here’s what happened: I had three computers to install, same make and model on each of them. I hooked them up to the network, and started the RIS install. Files load to the computer, no problem, then the computer reboots.   Immediately after the setup starts, the computer goes to bluescreen, claiming a Stop: 0x7b […]

  • Fixing a jumpy Synaptics Mousepad

    I’ve had a problem with the mousepad on my laptop getting “jumpy”. Whenever I’d use it, and subsequently take my finger off it, it’d jump an inch and a half or so upwards to the right. This was annoying to say the least, and I decided to try and find a solution to it.   […]

  • Logitech VX Nano – first impressions

    I’d been wanting to get a new mouse for my portable computer for a long time when I actually did. Up until last week, I’ve been using your regular two-buttons-and-a-scroll-wheel kind of mouse, and I wanted a little more functionality when on the road. I’m used to using one of Logitechs larger mouse with my […]

  • Uncovering Model-specific errors

    Most models of computer have one or two errors that you classically begin to see within about a year of their release. Be it motherboard issues, harddrive failures or simply keyboard malfunction, they all have them. The problem is that for each new model, there’s a new standard error. Some are shared across a range […]