Threatsaurus: a free resource to understand IT threats

Depending on your perspective, threats against IT systems are either extremely rare, something that happens to other people, or a daily (or near-daily) occurrence. The former is generally from the perspective of the end user, whereas the latter will be the perspective of IT professionals. One of the challenges I’ve encountered in talking to end users about these threats, is to communicate what is happening to them in a way that is both accurate and at a level appropriate to them.

While I find no issue with writing my own documentation, when someone has done the job for me, who am I to leave it by the wayside? The British security software and hardware firm Sophos has made a thesaurus of terms that you may come across when discussing IT threats. It is aptly named the Threatsaurus. Written in plain English, it contains:

  • a glossary on data security threats
  • tips and tricks to stay safe from scams, malware, and other threats
  • a guide to Sophos’s security software and hardware.

Best of all, it is provided as a free download. Find it here.





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