Firefox 3 – First impressions

On June 18th, 2008, some eight and a half million people downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. A powerful browser, built on the Gecko engine its greatest advantage is the fact that it is so easily expandable and customizable through powerful add-ons.
There are a few new features that are most decidedly practical. One of them is a “Verified by” function, which simply means that when you are visiting say, a Microsoft site, the addressbar shines up like this:
Verified by
Another nifty function is the “Most Visited” button, which lists your ten most visited websites:
Most visited
The password-saving feature is still there, but comes up as a noticebar, instead of a dialog box:
Remember password?
Designwise, the changes are minor, but noticeable. There are new buttons, like so:
New buttons
All in all, Firefox 3 seems to be a decent browser, and it simply works, which is always nice. By the by, everyone who downloaded Firefox 3 in the first 24 hours were part of a world record setting event, and got to download a Download Day certificate like this:



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