State of the Blog 2019

I am, for the fourth year running, writing a retrospective article for the summer. These are meant to be the summer counterpart to my end-of-year roundup series, which means that some information will be duplicated across the two series of posts.

Blogging in 2019 is much the same for me as it has been before; I keep a number of posts in the pipeline, and generally have had at least three posts scheduled. I write to my own schedule, and the weekly post rate feels like a good commitment device to ensure that I keep writing.

The first six months of 2019 have come and gone, and the downward trend in readership that I noted in my 2018 roundup has continued. While it is hard to know why, I would speculate that the change from tips and tricks to more in-depth articles on management is at least partially to blame. As I have noted time and again, I write first and foremost for myself. I am not chasing a high monthly readership, and there are no ads, so I am not losing money on the reduction in readership.

As always, I want to have a look at the readership data I see; here it is:

  • Monthly readership: 2’700
  • Return visitor rate: 5.8%

As for geography, the top five countries from which my readership hails are:

  1. United States (34.29%)
  2. Canada (8.56%)
  3. India (6.97%)
  4. United Kingdom (6.85%)
  5. Australia (4.52%)

The first half of 2019 has been heavy on opinion pieces, with how-tos and general tips and tricks. Whereas the former generally come as a result of reading, thinking, and practicing (and then particularly when it comes to the management aspects I have been covering), the latter are usually the ones that pop up because I needed it myself – next week’s post is going to be an example of just that – as was last week’s.

At any rate, I will continue to blog for a while yet. If you happen to read the blog, I would certainly appreciate your sharing my posts if you find them interesting.





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