reMarkable: What I would change

Last week’s post was my review of the reMarkable. As I noted, though a very good device, it is not perfect. Specifically, there are a few things I would like to see change on the hardware level:

The single most important change I would want to see is to add back-lighting to the display. This is a feature I’ve grown used to with the Kindle Paperwhite, which makes it a far better and more usable device as it makes you independent of external light.

The reMarkable ships with 8 GB of internal storage, which I admit I am far from filling up as of this review. Of this, 6.53 GB are made available to the user (the remainder presumably being used for the operating system etc. While 8 GB will likely be enough for most people, I would have liked to have seen either more (16 GB at the very least), or a port for a Micro-SD card so that the user can add more storage as they see fit.

Most device manufacturers are moving from a variety of standards to use USB-C for charging and data transfer. While there is nothing inherently wrong with USB Micro, I would have liked to have seen the reMarkable swap that port for USB-C.

While I would guess that most users are going to buy a folio for protection, I would have welcomed a way to attach the marker to the reMarkable for those who don’t need or want that. It doesn’t have to be complex or complicated; some sort of elastic band would likely suffice nicely.






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