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DohPro – Renaming GoPro video files quickly

A few years ago, I wrote about the workflow I have for video editing. One thing I did not touch upon was the fact that a not insignificant amount of my raw footage comes from GoPro cameras. As anyone who has used GoPro cameras will be able to tell you, the file naming convention they use is annoying as heck.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one to be annoyed about this. One of the people so annoyed is Deviant Ollam, who has made a batch script which will rename the files automagically. Being the brilliant human being that he is, he has made it public, in the best traditions of the Hacker attitude.

The script is very simple indeed, as you can see:

for %%f in (GH*.MP4) do (
set a=%%f
set chap=!a:~2,2!
set vid=!a:~4,4!
ren %%f GoPro-!vid!-!chap!.MP4

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