Tools for account evaluation on Twitter

I am a relatively active Twitter user, and enjoy the many discussions I have with people of varied points of view and experiences on the site. One of the things I don’t enjoy, is the inevitable trolls and bots. Luckily, there are a number of tools out there that evaluates an account or tweet. I have found the following to be particularly useful:

  • Bot Sentinel
    • Bot Sentinel rates accounts from 0-100%. The higher the rating, the more disruptive the account. I’ve found it to track well with my experience of the users I’ve checked with it.
  • Botometer
    • Botometer scores accounts on a number of metrics, returning both specific scores, as well as an aggregate score. I find it a useful, and relatively accurate, tool.
  • Hoaxy
    • Hoaxy is a little different. It shows how a tweet or topic is spreading, showing a so-called diffusion network.

There you have it; three tools that help you evaluate accounts and tweets.

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