Fixing a jumpy Synaptics Mousepad

I’ve had a problem with the mousepad on my laptop getting “jumpy”. Whenever I’d use it, and subsequently take my finger off it, it’d jump an inch and a half or so upwards to the right. This was annoying to say the least, and I decided to try and find a solution to it.
I’ve only tested this solution with Synaptics mousepads, and so I can’t vouch for whether it’ll work with others.
What I did to solve the problem, was uninstall the mouse, and reinstall it using the same drivers. Here’s how I prefer doing it:

  • Open the Computer Management console, using the command compmgmt.msc in the “run” dialog box.
  • compmgmt.msc

  • In the Computer Management console, open Device Manager, and find the mousepad
  • Device Manager

  • Right-click the mousepad, and select “Uninstall”
  • Restart the computer, and enjoy a jump-free mousepad

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent fix, but it does work consistently, and doesn’t take long to execute. Still, I’d like to find a fix, rather than a workaround. If anyone know of one, please feel free to use the comment field to tell me and everyone else.
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3 responses to “Fixing a jumpy Synaptics Mousepad”

  1. Daniel.Kyre

    Synaptics Track pads are known for their hardware failure rate, the fix is simple don’t us it!

  2. Aleksander R. Rødner

    Well, that is easier said than done, as *most* makers of laptops use them…

    I don’t disagree, I’m just saying, y’know…

  3. Tyson

    Thanks for the tip – I now longer have a jumpy trackpad! If only there were a permanent fix.