Lotus Notes: Resolving “Toolbar configuration not found” errors

A user called in with an error message I see from time to time in Lotus Notes. The error message in question is the not very informative “Toolbar configuration not found”. Though not overly informative, this error message is simple enough to resolve.

This error message is sometimes, though not always, followed by a second one; “File Already Exists“.

  1. Find the Lotus Notes data folder (Typically located at C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Data)
  2. Locate the bookmarks.nsf file
  3. Rename the file to bookmarks.nsf_old or something like that
  4. Restart Lotus Notes

Once this is done, Notes will create a new bookmarks.nsf file, and your problem is solved!





One response to “Lotus Notes: Resolving “Toolbar configuration not found” errors”

  1. Anonymous

    Great article… simple and to the point and moreover – it worked!!

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