Excel: Adding multiple axes in a chart

One of the many things I do as a union representative, is negotiate wages with management. I argue my point using a number of tools, not least of which is the change in pay over time. I have one set of data which is what we use when negotiating, which represents the estimated change. I have another set which represents the actual change. I wanted to show not only these in relation to each other, but also the relative difference as it changes over time.

In order to do this, I needed to add a second X-axis to my data. I start out by creating a scatter chart in much the same way as I did last week, though this time I chose a scatter chart with straight lines and markers:

Next, I right-clicked the graph I wanted to map on the secondary axis, and clicked Format Data Series:

In the Format Data Series sidebar, I opted to plot the series on the Secondary axis:

To finish it all off, I added labels, titles and legends in order to make it all more readily legible:






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