Changing the OEM-info

The OEMINFO.ini-file is a file that stores support information about your computer, which usually ships with computers delivered with a preinstalled operating system. It can contain virtually anything, but usually it contains the name of the manufacturer, the address to their website, and similar information.   The following hack allows you to change the information… Continue reading Changing the OEM-info

Uncovering Model-specific errors

Most models of computer have one or two errors that you classically begin to see within about a year of their release. Be it motherboard issues, harddrive failures or simply keyboard malfunction, they all have them. The problem is that for each new model, there’s a new standard error. Some are shared across a range… Continue reading Uncovering Model-specific errors

Safari for Windows – first impressions

I like trying out new pieces of software, and when Apple released Safari for Windows I had no choice but to try it out. First impression is that it is most definitely an Apple product, and bears great resemblance to e.g. iTunes. It is a sleek piece of software, and it seems to be sturdy… Continue reading Safari for Windows – first impressions

Firefox crashes, unable to add extensions part two – the solution

My problems have, as I mentioned, been twofold; first there is the universal problem of not being able to add extensions, and second there is the problem of Firefox crashing on one of my machines.   The error data for the crashes look like this:   AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: 1.8.20080.31114 ModName: firefox.exe ModVer: 1.8.20080.31114 Offset:… Continue reading Firefox crashes, unable to add extensions part two – the solution