Inverted colors in Windows Media Player running in Internet Explorer

A user logged a support ticket, saying that she was having problems playing streaming video in Internet Explorer. According to the ticket, it “doesn’t work”. The user would be away from work, but had left her passwords “in a secure place” (read: under her keyboard)…
I went to her computer, logged on, and tested a few video sites such as YouTube etc. I was unable to reproduce the problem. I sent the user a message, telling her to contact me when she returned to work.
When she returned, I had a look at her computer. It turned out that her problem wasn’t that it didn’t work, but rather that the colors were all distorted and inverted-looking. The error only occured on sites that streamed video for replay in Windows Media Player.
I checked out what version of WMP she was running, and predictably enough, she was running an ancient version of WMP. Armed with this knowledge, I updated WMP, and lo and behold; the problem was gone.





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