Outlook: Problems opening and organizing calendars

On a relatively regular basis, I find my days packed with appointments, reminders, and meetings. At other times, I need to organize a meeting, or talk to a colleague, and need to check their availability. For these reasons, and others, I’m an active user of digital calendars. Anything that happens during the work day is… Continue reading Outlook: Problems opening and organizing calendars

Hide recipients in Outlook meeting bookings

Like so many of you, I arrange a fair number of meetings for various purposes. Among these are the ones I arrange for the members of my union local in my capacity as its head. Now, EU – and thus also Norwegian – data protection law clearly categorizes union membership as one of the numerous… Continue reading Hide recipients in Outlook meeting bookings

Outlook: Mark deleted messages as read

A pet peeve of many users of Outlook is the fact that deleted messages that were unread when being deleted are counted in Deleted Items. Like the behavior when going from one unread email to another in the Reading Pane, there is a setting for this. Here’s how to change the behavior:

Outlook: Mail merge

I have previously written about one of my many responsibilities; contacting users whose login credentials have shown up in breach lists. While the pertinent results of the breach files are delivered to me in a flat file, I use Excel’s Text to Columns feature to separate logins (usually email addresses) from the password. While this… Continue reading Outlook: Mail merge

View message headers

For most users, the message headers of any given email are irrelevant; the email has arrived, and that is all there is to say about that. It does, however, have applications both in IT support and in information security. While those applications are outside the scope of this article, accessing the message header is not.