Outlook: Disable the send without location prompt

Like many others, my work days are – to some extent – made up of meetings with others. It’s not uncommon for these meetings not to have an assigned meeting room, and I find it annoying that Outlook asks me if I want to enter a meeting location:

Screenshot of popup from Microsoft Outlook, reading: "Do you want to send this meeting request without a location?"

It offers two options; "Don't Send" and "Send Anyway"

To get around this issue, we can pre-fill the Location field with a default setting. Here’s how:

  • Go to File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon
  • In the right-hand window, scroll down to – and enable – “Developer”, then click OK
Screenshot of "Outlook Options", the "Developer" setting is enabled and outlined in red.
  • Go to the “Developer” tab which is now available in the Ribbon
  • Select “Design a Form”
  • Select “Appointment” and click “Open” (or simply double-click “Appointment”
  • Enter a default text in the Location field:
Screenshot of the Appointment template open in Form Designer; "(None)" is entered into the Location field, which is highlighted in red.
  • Click “Publish”, then “Publish Form”
  • Name the form, and click “Publish”
  • Right-click your calendar, and select “Properties”
  • Select your form under “When posting to this folder, use:”
Screenshot of Calendar Properties, the "Appointment" form has been set as default for posting to the calendar.
  • Click “OK”

That should do it, and has worked wonders for me.



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