Hide recipients in Outlook meeting bookings

Like so many of you, I arrange a fair number of meetings for various purposes. Among these are the ones I arrange for the members of my union local in my capacity as its head. Now, EU – and thus also Norwegian – data protection law clearly categorizes union membership as one of the numerous special categories of personal data. I understand this to mean that I am not allowed to share the membership list with my members.

Now, when communicating with members via email, I consistently place the mailing list in BCC, ensuring that they don’t see the other recipients. This isn’t, however, as simple when sending a meeting request – particularly when you’re working with the desktop app where there isn’t any option to do so. It used to be that you could accomplish this using the “Resources” option, but that reportedly doesn’t always work – and isn’t how the feature is meant to be used.

While unavailable in the desktop app, you can apply the setting on a meeting request in webmail. This assumes that webmail is available, and I have not tested it with an on-prem environment, so I don’t know that it is available in Exchange on-prem. At any rate, here’s how:

  1. Log on to your webmail solution (for Exchange online customers, this is available at outlook.office.com)
  2. Open the meeting booking
  3. Find the Response options drop-down, and activate “Hide attendee list”:
Screenshot of the "Response options" dropdown menu, showing the following options:

Request responses
Allow forwarding
Hide attendee list



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