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Workflow for video editing – sorting system

As I have alluded to in previous posts, one of the things I do on occasion, is edit video. Among many others, one of the communities I am happy to belong to, is that of YouTubers. Of my two YouTube channels, the one I spend the most time on, is my shooting sports channel; D20 Shooting Sports. In order to reduce the time I spend on video editing, I have spent some time building a workflow which works for me. It comprises the following elements:

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An even smaller, cheaper DJI Drone

You may remember that I posted about the DJI Mavic back in October of last year, when it was announced, and that I was excited about both it and the GoPro Karma, which I classified as the contenders for my money. While that assessment was correct, I ended up not buying either. I could simply not justify the cost, and the bulk of the Karma – which was the one I was leaning towards – ultimately made me decide against it, though it seemed to me (and still does) to be the more capable of the two.

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Word: “Track changes” shows up as “Author” instead of author name

A user called in, reporting that Word’s Track changes-function tagged her as “Author”, instead of her name. I opened a remote session, and started out by confirming that everything else was working correctly, and that her name had been set as the author in the settings for Microsoft Word. Stalling for time while I researched the issue, I found that it seemed to be a problem affecting particular documents. Knowing this set me on the path to the solution, as follows:

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