More model-specific errors

Over a year ago, I wrote about uncovering model-specific errors. True to form, all of the models I have seen lately have had some sort of standardized error.

The MSI MediaLive has a serious heating issue, killing just about any machine due to over-heating. This might be remedied by putting better fans in there, but I somehow doubt it.

Fujitsu Siemens’ P7230-series seem to have a standard error in the monitors, making them display colors that rightfully belongs in an acid-induced haze.

Fujitsu Siemens’ S7210-series have dodgy motherboards, causing them to work ever so slowly, whereas the S7110 has a batch of monitors whose backlight die.

Lastly, Fujitsu Siemens’ models S7210 and S7220 both have a problem with the onboard NIC, which causes the computers to go on- and offline all of the time.






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